24 hour live radio performance of sound, poetry and radio works inspired by the Universe.
Where: CoseCosmiche, Via Aleardi 11, Milan
Start: 16.00, 16th December 2018 (SUN), km 0
End: 16.15, 17th December 2018 (PLUTO), km 5.906.376.272
Radio webstream: http://humankind.voyage:8000/spaceradio
FM: 97.3 (CoseCosmiche area)
Broadcast by Alan Alpenfelt
Random Synth sound generator by Luca Xelius Martegani

Broadcast programme & timetable

Tomomi Adachi / Alan Alpenfelt / Giuliana Altamura / Alvax / Ashtoreth & Anja Aerts / Sofía Bertomeu / Vanni Bianconi / Bluenoid / Brandon Boan / Pamela Breda / Dario Buccini / Distant Fires Burning / Canary Burton & Marylou Blakeslee / Joan Cambon / Catenation / Claudio Cavalli / Gustavo Chab / Caro C / CLARA / WORRAN feat. Maud Marique & Rebecca Glover / Athena Corcoran-Tadd / Marc Cosmic / DAGGER MOTH & Marc Ribot / Maroulita De Kol / Cláudio de Pina / Marco Dibeltulu / Hazal Döleneken / Abby Donovan / Ceel Mogami de Haas / Dr Hanzo / Ducks! / Kaj Duncan David & Martin Lau / BA Denigris / Giorgio Dursi / Duty / Exotikdot / Jurgen Fonteijn / Chelidon Frame / Nicola Frattegiani / Zeno Gabaglio / Alessandro Gaffuri & Alice Diacono / Alessandro Gambato / Ghosts of Electricity / Ian Gibbins / Gigsta / Penelope Gkika / Mark Goodwin / Jared Green / Stelios Hadjithomas / Ursula Häse / Werner Hasler / Juliana Herrero / Kathryn Hummel / Olga Kokcharova / Muzikačaka / Antoine Läng / Dominique LeGendre / Nicole L'Huillier & Daniela Catrileo / Lite Orchestra / LucidBLN / Luminance / William Memotone / Stephanie Merchak / Alyssa Moxley / Necromishka / Chor Guan Ng / Oikoi / Moggy Ogara / Olga Palomäki / Claudio Parodi / Georgia Pazarloglou / Mario Pegoraro / Pic Nic Radio / Léa Roger, Hubert Monroy et Vincent Tholomé / Fred Poulet / prOphecy sun / Rodrigo Quintanilha / Andrew Reddy / George Ridgway / Francesca Ruberto / Pekka Sassi / Katharina Schmidt / SciFiSol / Hannah Silva / Anna Stereopoulou / Syrenomelia / Lorenzo Tamai / Tavishi / Temple Music / The little typists / Walt Thisney / Vincent Tholomé / Tribes of Europe / TJ Thompson / Tonylight / Dixie Treichel / VaathV / Massimiliano Viel / Sally Walmsley / Hannah Woźniak / El Wud / Xelius / Angelina Yershova / Billy Yfantis

----- The performing arts company V XX ZWEETZ in collaboration with the music label Human Kind Records has invited poets, artists and musicians to send sound works inspired by the Universe. These works will be transmitted via webradio and FM during a 24 hour radio performance from 9 to 10 December 2018 in Milan, at the Athur Cravan Foundation and thanks to the support of Cosmic Things.

During the 24 hours starting from 4pm on Sunday 16 December 2018 (GTM+1), the shop facing via Aleardi 11 in Milan will be transformed into a 'spaceship' in which an astronaut will spend a day immersed in the spatial sound.
The astronaut believes that peaceful places on Earth barely exist anymore and have been exhaustively explored, as have metaphysical ones. So he chooses Outer Space where he can freely listen and perceive himself immersed inside infinity. While drifting, he shares with us the sounds he encounters.
He will travel for 24 hours through the Solar System starting from the Sun and reaching Pluto. On his way, he will meet objects and planets that will activate the sound works collected during the "call". The rest of the journey, when no object or planet is encountered, will be defined by sounds generated randomly by a Synthesizer. The total duration of the trip is 5,906,376,272 km corresponding to 4,101,650 km for each minute of transmission.
The public can access the spacecraft freely at any time to listen to the trip with him. They can feed him, send him letters and postcards, play chess and help him spend the time when he feels alone.

To listen to the web stream (active on the 16.12.2018): http://humankind.voyage:8000/spaceradio

How the project was born:
It started when a sound poem on Mercury was composed as a commission by Radio Pic Nic (Bruxelles) to create works for the Sviluppo-Parallelo exhibition in 2016 at the Luzern Kunstmuseum, Switzerland. The innate passion towards the vastness and mystery related to the Universe was so intriguing that it inspired Human Kind Records to invite other artists to contribute to something bigger.
Through the networking art concept “Freundeskreis” (circles of friends), nine artist collectives were chosen to compose for nine planets. They were invited to Milan on the 27th March 2017 for a one day lab and concert at the Galleria Giuseppe Pero. Together with art residency project CoseCosmiche and astrophysicist Luca Valenziano, we shared amongst us our artistic curiosities and responses towards the planets and the Universe.
The artists then selected their planets and returned to their own worlds to create their works.

As we know (or think we know…) Space does not stop expanding. Human Kind Records therefore decided to create a Universe of its own: http://humankind.voyage.

A project by:
Human Kind Records

Sustained by:
ProHelvetia | SRKS/FSRC