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The programme of the 3° 24h radio journey Mein Vater erzählt Mir Jeden Sonntag Unsere Neun Planeten will take place during the BiG - 3e Biennale Interstellaire des espaces d’art de Genève from the 29th June 22.00h to 30th June 22.00.
For this occasion, we asked the artists taking part at the Biennale to create sound works inspired by Space.
This radio programme is a mix of sounds from the previous journey in addition to the new creations.

The total duration of the trip is 5,906,376,272 km corresponding to 4,101,650 km for each minute of transmission.

TAKE OFF: 29.06.2019 at 22.00 GTM+1
END: 30.06.2019 at 22.00 GTM+1
Where: BIG - Biennale Interstellaire des espaces d’art de Genève
In collaboration with Radio Vostok
Radio Station location: Quartier Les Grottes, La Gallerie - Rue de l’Industrie 13, Genève.
See Map Here

Broadcasting programme:

LIFT OFF: 22.00 GTM+

Time encountered: 22:06 - 22:14
Distance: KM 11.833.260.795,94
Artist: Alessandro Gambato
The time structure of this track is completely deduced by a star chart. Thinking it more openly, I play on the contrast between the inner and outer universe, with sound of a simple nature attributable to the micro cosmos, treated however in such a way as not to be at all, thus referring to the macro cosmos and the theoretically infinite spatial exploration.

Time encountered: 22:24 - 22:33
Distance: KM 11.907.090.499,34
Artist: Mondo Corretto
The track "shortcut.s.08.soar" is part of a raw soundtrack to a full feature length experimental/avant-garde film project that will gather a hundred of short clips. As a whole, it will be a hypnotic-visceral & electronic-noise-ambient project. The feature is currently in pre-production phase and production will begin soon. In a few months, I’ll start to publish each short film on a weekly basis for some two years. And, yes, it's subtitled "raw ambient soundtrack". This means that another take on the soundtrack will allow for a further exploration of its sounds and is going to be enriched during the full feature's production by integrating sounds from the films and build up a less ambient and more industrial soundtrack. My tracks are mostly soundtracks to produce or "unproduce" experimental film projects. They explore the positive and negative poles of life and death in an often very abstract approach that feels like a deep space exploration.

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Time encountered: 22:40 - 22.54
Distance: KM 11.972.716.902,37
Artist: CLARA

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Time encountered: 23:05 - 23:14
Distance: KM,09
Artist: Julie Bellard et Yoanne Rey
"Art and science are often linked, especially for sound and sound research. Imagined sounds in places where there are none scientifically and therefore where silence reigns, then makes us create by the imagination. There are vibrations that humans cannot hear, "space is not empty it contains a low density of matter of about 1 atom for 1 cm3 of space. This is not enough to allow the acoustic wave to propagate" (astropolis.fr). It is this emptiness that calls us and allows us to tell a fictional story and gives us total freedom to create. The text was inspired by Julie's dyslexia, the star during the summer's night and the voice we hear everywhere, anytime but which is not synthetic." "Interested and concerned about the future, space and the universe seems to us to be a favourable place where things could happen. The emptiness of this place makes it possible to imagine almost everything. Our current depression and common pessimism on planet earth makes us want to explore other galaxies. But we are not sure that the future and these still unknown places will seem better to us.

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URANO - I figli del cielo
Time encountered: 23:20 - 23:35
Distance: KM 12.136.782.909,92
Artist: Giuliana Altamura & Zeno Gabaglio
Uranus bears the name of the god of the sky. It is a planet linked to the male principle of spirituality, connected to the sphere of intuition, to the realm of the mind.

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Sonata per fornelli e caldaia
Time encountered: 23:48 - 23:56
Distance: KM 12.251.629.115,21
Artist: Lite Orchestra

Time encountered: 00:14 - 00:18
Distance: KM 12.358.272.020,12
Artist: Georgia Pazarloglou
Imae is a recent experimental composition that builds up with the use of sound design techniques, field recordings and recorded voice. Like much of my work, the track has sci-fi references and unfolds as a dialogue amongst sonic events, taking place in space.

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The Lunar Effect
Time encountered: 00:27 - 00:37
Distance: KM 12.411.593.472,58
Artist: Katie Currie
‘The Lunar Effect’ is a collaborative artwork comprising sourced and original audio that relates to humanity’s connection to our moon. Some of the sounds that can be heard in this work include audio translations of images of a full moon and the impression of one of the first footprints made by mankind on its surface, a moon ‘song’ (recorded while astronauts flew around the far side of the moon) along with sections of Apollo 11 audio files from the Nasa Archive. A poem written by James Currie which has been translated into Morse code plays throughout, with selected verses spoken aloud which can be heard intermittently.

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JUPITER "Le vert sejour des vivants"
Time encountered: 00:44 - 00:59
Distance: KM 12.481.321.525,79
Artist: Léa Roger, Hubert Monroy et Vincent Tholomé,
We thought of the story of a human colony that has decided to stop their endless journey when arriving near Jupiter.

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Plateaus Remix
Time encountered: 01:10 - 01:13
Distance: KM 12.587.964.430,70
Artist: Juliana Herrero
"Plateaus reflects on the spaces of the information era. It returns to Borges’ literature, commenting on the idea of endless references to places and memories. Not yet thousand (...), Plateaus rises as utopian landscapes and expand from the digital in its physical form. The audio features a human voice that whispers fictional cities. Interpreted and phonetically relayered by the artist, it becomes descant to the material and the so-called virtual worlds resonating in the emotional perception. This Remix, juxtaposes the human voice to a sound of outer space, as how Earth is heard from the ""Universe"" (found footage internet -NASA) mesmerising the perception of our inside-outside worlds.

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Pluto's Moons Are in Absolute Chaos
Time encountered: 02:39 - 02:50
Distance: KM 12.953.011.297,51
Artist: Chelidon Frame

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Astral Trip
Time encountered: 03:37 - 03:41
Distance: KM 13.190.907.008,47
Artist: Zeuk

Our track takes the listener upon an inward, yet paradoxically outward journey into Space. It hints at the secret wonders there to be discovered. Be open.
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Universe Hopscotch
Time encountered: 03:52 - 03:59
Distance: KM 13.190.907.008,47
Artist: Sally Walmsley

This sound poem draws on material and ideas generated during and after a Leverhulme Artist in Resident at Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland. It uses musicalized sonifications drawing on NASA recordings to represent things that might be encountered on a travel through space. It is intended to give the listener some spatial awareness of the geography of the Universe with the known limits being the edge of the visible universe, with an unknown beyond which requires quantum physics and a theory of quantum gravity to be developed if it is ever to be explored.

Rendezvous with Button Moon
Time encountered: 04:04 - 04:12
Distance: KM 13.301.651.563,57
Artist: Temple Music
Button Moon' was a children's tv show in the UK, the theme tune written by the soon-to-be Dr Who, Peter Davison. This cross-correlates with Arthur C. Clarke's "Rendezvous With Rama', which I was re-reading due to Oumoumamua, a very Rama-esque object, travelling through our solar system.

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There is no space between us
Time encountered: 04:25 - 04:32
Distance: KM 13.387.786.217,53
Artist: Necromishka

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Time encountered: 04:59 - 05:07
Distance: KM 13.527.242.323,95
Artist: Katharina Schmidt
"Wood Star is based on a recording of radio waves that NASA’s Cassini spacecraft collected near Jupiter in January 2001. The track combines several processed versions of NASA’s original recording with sounds from a new instrument called PushPull. The title Wood Star refers to Jupiter’s name in East Asian languages.

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Time encountered: 05:46 - 05:50
Distance: KM 13.720.019.882,83
Artist: SciFiSol

Time encountered: 05:57 - 06:25
Distance: KM 13.765.138.034,91
Artist: Vaathv
// The shamans of the universe sing in my music

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Reverence the Rings / The Fall of Cassini
Time encountered: 07:17 - 07:32
Distance: KM,02
Artist: ASHTORETH & Anja Aerts
Whilst recording the Saturn track at Blackout Studio in Brussels we took a short break in the afternoon and went for a walk to catch some fresh air. We strolled through the small streets of Schaerbeek, it was a sunny day and everything radiated in a beautiful bright light. In the distance I remarked a strange looking plant growing out of the pavement. Its leaves were big and there were plenty of spiky looking seed pods on the plant. I decided to take one back to Antwerp for my garden project. I looked it up and found out this plant is the Datura Stramonium. Upon further research I found there was a connection to Saturn: the Datura Family...

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NEPTUNE "Ssecnirp"
Time encountered: 07:59 - 08:14
Distance: KM 14.265.539.357,95
Artist: Chor Guan Ng
Neptune told in a language of the unknown. She has been waiting for longer than she is patient, her arms, deep, and cold in the quiet night of wind.

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The things that inhabit the external things
Time encountered: 08:30 - 08:38
Distance: KM 14.392.690.513,81
Artist: Vanessa Orelli
"Everything around you is the Cosmos and at the same time the Universe. Actions of things that are acting. My track reenacted a world where things are different, misplaced. What was outside is now inside. But inside then is nothing. Sound Sensations Interpretation (WARNING: “Sensations are momentary experiences”) Presence. The things that inhabit the external things. More sounds. Liberation. Identity. Noisy sounds. External things are nothing now. Breath. More sounds. No sound. Absence of presence." "Because of how I develop my art practice and the inclinations it derives from, microscopic and macroscopic manifestations of Nature, Cosmology, the constant Becoming, all have always been concepts very dear to me. Fundamental questions of Being, Existence and Reality are part of a perpetual questioning of our progress as a planet, as a group of people, as individuals, as single soul entities, as a creative focused on the process. We are Worlds inside Worlds. Layered energy emitting human beings that perceive objects and actions. But how do we deal with illusion? Are our senses reliable? Does being present in Space makes us go beyond the evidence?

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Time encountered: 08:44 - 09:02
Distance: KM 14.450.113.616,45
Artist: Sisters Akousmatika
Sisters Akousmatica produced large-scale public transmission art projects, workshops, commissions and a retreat for women and non-binary artists. During that retreat in 2017, they had the opportunity to record a pulsar of a dead star at the Mount Pleasant Radio Observatory, Tasmania, which led them to study other audio phenomena related to space, questioning the scale of human listening and belief that a radiowave signal never dies. Their soundtrack RISING is part of an audio-visual installation for Moon rising signals, finalist for the Women's Art Prize Tasmania 2019 and contains recordings of EME, the signal of a dead star, voices and electromagnetic frequencies from radio receivers.

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Cosmic Mirror
Time encountered: 09:17 - 09:41
Distance: KM 14.585.468.072,69
Artist: El Wud
Karma is neither a punishment nor a reward, it is simply a gigantic cosmic mirror that reflects back what you emit.

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Looked and locked out
Time encountered: 09.35 - 09:40
Distance: KM 14.659.297.776,09
Artist: George Ridgeway
A speculation over fleeting moments of sound and music during long distance travel.

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Time encountered: 09:46 - 09:53
Distance: KM 14.704.415.928,17
Artist: Nolwenn Salaün
‘Elbows’ is meant to be played in stereo in a room or a corridor, inviting the sound to travel between walls and present bodies. The piece departs from the obsession of a character on the skin of their own elbow, which loosens itself while time passes, and goes through voices from their past, their dreams or their paranoid thoughts. Meanwhile, a parallel presence digs a furrow surrounding the listener and seeping in the listening room. I wrote and recorded 'Elbows' during my residency at Can Serrat (ES), at the foot of the Montserrat mountain. My walks through the mountain structured the writing of this piece.

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MARS "Rover finds homer"
Time encountered: 10:01 - 10:16
Distance: KM 14.765.940.681,00
Artist: Werner Hasler & Fred Poulet
Using the polyrhythms, of day and night change of the planets, as a grid, was the first musical idea. Fred in the meantime developed the idea to tell the story from the Rover’s point of view. The rover is linked to Nasa in daytime and - as there is no connection to Nasa and no work for rover when the sun sets- to the world wide web at nighttime. We first tried to find a structure in order to be able to place the different aspects and stories in an interesting way. Once the idea was set, we started with a first day to set the atmosphere and feel the length. A first transition into night followed that is how we created a starting point of the night atmosphere. that is where Rover flips through the information he can find, connected accidentally to the world wide web. The Rover eventually is carried away and gets stuck with the one dramatic love story. The musical instrumentation follows the story. The atmosphere ends abruptly with the break of day. The daytime atmosphere is set again..

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Time encountered: 10:27 - 10:31
Distance: KM 14.872.583.585,91
Artist: Canary Burton
Coming out of the ocean, flowing through life on the surface, eventually wandering off in a choir of voices coming out of the first "space music" from early 20th century computer music.

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Pulse Fiction
Time encountered: 10:44 - 10:49
Distance: KM 14.942.311.639,12
Artist: Tropical Vegas
Pulse Fiction is a molecule that develops in space. It hits meteorites, binds to other planet, liquefies in gasses and dangerously approaches a black hole. Our physical limit prevents us from exploring space and the universe dominates us. We are infine particles that cohabit with an infamous border intangible. Space is poetry that has not yet been written.

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Voyage intergalactique
Time encountered: 10:56 - 11:09
Distance: KM 14.991.531.441,39
Artist: nina schipoff
"Voyage intergalactique" interroge notre conscience et comportement géo-écologique dans un contexte de réchauffement climatique dans l'ère de la digitalisation "Voyage intergalactique" est une auto-hypnose guidée. Réfugié de la terre, une planète devenue hostile à l'homme, vous traversez la galaxie à la recherche d'un nouveau chez vous et atterrissez sur la planète Do. Cette auto-hypnose est déconseillée après consommation de stupéfiants. En cas de maladie demandez conseil à votre médecin.

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Requiem for Pluto
Time encountered: 11:16 - 11:32
Distance: KM 15.073.564.445,17
Artist: Hazal Döleneken
The Belt: A Requiem for Pluto is an audio/visual performance that came into being as a reaction to de-planetification of Pluto. In which the odyssey begins in the vacuum, travels through solar system in search for Pluto and internalises to reach the inner space. Meanwhile Pluto keeps on spinning far from us.

Time encountered: 11:42 - 11:57
Distance: KM,08
Artist: Olga Kokcharova & Antoine Läng
Our axis of composition/creation was mainly focused on our perception: how Venus can be perceived from us either as a planet, as a star (seen from Earth) or as a deity; how sound is affected by the environment and how it can be perceived whether through the Earth’s atmosphere or through the thick air of Venus and how the distance between the perception of human voice and electronic instrumentation can be blurred through this atmospheric filtration...

Be with the silent self
Time encountered: 12:04 - 12:34
Distance: KM 15.270.443.654,23
Artist: prOphecy Sun
"Be with the Silent Self" stems from my research with weather balloons. Weather balloons can see and hear things from space and beyond. I believe that the invention of weather balloons inaugurated an age of remote sensing, providing us with the ability to collect information from previously unattainable sources such as the Universe. "Be with the Silent Self" was recorded live and in one take using a smartphone. The sounds are a blended combination of voice, breath, delay, loops, electronic pedals, and field recordings from various experiments with weather balloon in landspaces. The goal is to highlight and draw parallel links in space between objects and consciousness.

Time encountered: 12:44 - 12:57
Distance: KM 15.434.509.661,79
Artist: Andrew Reddy
The piece was inspired by the orbits of the planets and uses the the time of the orbits to create the percussive backdrop. This was layered with soundscapes and a poem written about musings on time.

Space Blanket Interstellaire
Time encountered: 13:02 - 13:06
Distance: KM 15.508.339.365,19
Artist: Stéphanie Prizreni - Espace Kugler
http://www.espacekugler.ch 3e Biennale Interstellaire des espaces d’art de Genève Ce sont des sons qui me font penser à l'espace intersidéral

Late Breakfast
Time encountered: 13:21 - 13:28
Distance: KM 15.586.270.718,78
Artist: BA Denigris

Before the Law
Time encountered: 13:44 - 13:52
Distance: KM 15.680.608.673,12
Artist: Neil Verma
This piece is entitled “Before the Law, in Four Parts.” It is a stereo soundscape composition that explores thresholds at specific doorways I’ve recorded in Washington, London, Chicago and rural Wisconsin. To energize the piece, I've used a reading of a version of Kafka's famous story "Before the Law" (this narrative and its translation are the public domain). In its themes and design, the piece reflects on transitional spaces, on places to which we have no access, on soundscapes that are “for us” and yet not “for us” at the same time. For me this resonates with what it means to explore space, with the austerity and indifference of outer space toward us.

All there in the sky
Time encountered: 14:01 - 14:14
Distance: KM 15.750.336.726,33
Artist: WORRAN feat. Maud Marique & Rebecca Glover
The poem "all there in the sky" from Maud Marique is telling the story of an attempt to reach beyond all layers, it is describing a failure and a reincarnation and loops into another attempt which is yet to be done. with Rebecca Glovers voice bouncing into space and back into our composition we want to express the reach beyond the seemingly dividing dimensions of a distance. Only a "canarialien" is equipped enough to fly beyond those limits and even it will have to fail, get up again and train to do so.

Event Horizon
Time encountered: 14:24 - 14:35
Distance: KM 15.844.674.680,68
Artist: DAGGER MOTH & Marc Ribot
A track about "black holes", a metaphor between the black holes in outer space and the emotional ones inside ourselves.

Slowly floating away out of the Milky Way
Time encountered: 14:46 - 14:56
Distance: KM 15.934.910.984,83
Artist: Stephanie Merchak
This track is all about the unknown that faces humans when it comes to space travel and learning about the universe. The high notes represent the twinkling of distant stars, galaxies and various space bodies. The low notes evoque mistery. Notes from a tritone scale on C were played through 4 instances of the Operator synthesizer. The output of the 4 Operators was recorded then stretched using the various time algorithms of Ableton Live to achieve a slow tempo giving the impression of floating in space.

Time encountered: 15:01 - 15:05
Distance: KM 15.996.435.737,67
Artist: Oikoi

Radiophonies energumènes
Time encountered: 15:15 - 15:45
Distance: KM 16.053.858.840,31
Artist: Pierre Dunand Filliol
"notes for hétérotopiques - SPACE Journey #03 1 "notes for hétérotopiques - SPACE Journey #03 ‘radiophonies energumènes’ is a sound project created for an acousmatic setting. It uses a mix of electronic devices including a modular synthesiser, a prepared radio (modulated with control voltages) and some pedal effects. This track reflects on the paradox of human sound perception that cannot perceive any sound because of the absence of air outside of the world and can only imagine/evoque glimpses of sound - caught in the past history of the universe The use of radio/Herzian waves for musical purposes is bound to the nature of outer/subatomic space - electromagnetism is the only way we can use to capture sonic material in the void." 2 "notes for hétérotopiques - SPACE Journey #03 A possible way to experiment and percieve the ‘sonic’ nature of the universe would then be through antenas and then material or bone convection perception - the subject matter of installation currently in progress for the BIG 2019 (3e Biennale Interstellaire des espaces d’art de Genève) in Geneva. The resulting installation will be an an attempt towards a musical expression of what these waves carry for humans and how they resonate within ourselves."

Shrouded matter
Time encountered: 15:54 - 16:04
Distance: KM 16.213.823.197,68
Artist: Catenation

To Pluto
Time encountered: 16:23 - 16:30
Distance: KM 16.332.771.053,15
Artist: Dana Ollestad
This track was composed imagining the launch and flight of New Horizons, at the time the fastest spacecraft ever built, and its imaging of Pluto. The track is composed of many pieces of metal induced into resonating against themselves as well as against traditional instruments, mixed with field recordings, as I imagine the pinnacle of space exploration engineering resonating against the weight of its own propulsion, the resistance of the elemental forces, the strain of the magnitude of its endeavor, and the memories of its origin here on earth.

Time encountered: 16:38 - 17:02
Distance: KM 16.394.295.805,99
Artist: Dario Buccino & Ensemble HN
"«Ero già a me nº 44» (2006) is a composition for HN Steel Sheets® and plasterboard panels. The HN Steel Sheets are played by the performer's entire body, following the principles of the HN System®, a musical system that I have been developing since the early 1990s. HN stands for 'here and now'. The body’s movement unfolds in space and becomes sound through the encounter with the steel. The thin sheet, with its gush of harmonics at the slightest touch, more than a mere resonating object becomes a resonating space. The composition is shaped in order to enhance this spatial-emotional quality. Sound is not only the expression of an individual: it occurs, it takes place surrounding our ears.

Time encountered: 17:12 - 17:22
Distance: 16.533.751.912,41
Artist: Cláudio de Pina
10 Hygeia is an electroacoustic piece composed exclusively with sounds from a historical pipe organ in a XVIII century church. 10 Hygeia is one of the largest and densest asteroid of the asteroid field. Hence the use of a large instrument like the pipe organ. This is the 5th piece in a composition cycle, regarding asteroids. All the scientific data are taken in to account. The sounds on this piece are produced using extended techniques in a historical pipe organ. An abstract ambience made with “unheard noises” from an antique instrument that takes us to the futuristic and dystopian world of 10 Hygeia.

Floating land
Time encountered: 17:33 - 17:39
Distance: KM 16.619.886.566,38
Artist: Exotikdot
"Floating Land' evokes the utopia of the absolute territory. An utopia which exists in a material way as the International Space Station, and which we tacitly experience through our virtual existence. The track brings up together elements from the two ways this utopia manifests in our world, considering, on one hand, the impossibility to reach the physical one and, on the other hand, the ephemeral condition of the virtual one. Floating Land denounces the human laws of how far one can go depending on the place one was born, through a vacuumed zone of no borders, and where nationality becomes an abstraction.

Mercur - MEIN
Time encountered: 17:48 - 18:03
Distance: KM 16.681.411.319,21
Artist: Alan Alpenfelt, Mario Pegoraro, Luca Xelius Martegani
Mercury is defined by a very hot day and a very cold night. It is full of craters because it has an exosphere which doesn’t protect it from the smashing of meteors. it is a very fast planet and spins also incredibly quickly. We therefore wrote a two handed poem. The day is the story of a messenger during the bashing and thundering moments during the trench wars in Europe where hell, heat and fire obliterate everything. The craters are present in the imaginary but also are the colour of the eyes of the messenger as they mirror the eyes of Rembrandt in his self portrait. Rembrandt is also the name of one of the craters. The night shifts completely to the point of view of the planet, which looks into the far darkness of the universe wondering what is out there and feeling very lonely. The sound of the voice becomes also very cold, nearly robotic.

Time encountered: 18:17 - 18:33
Distance: KM 16.800.359.174,69
Artist: Massimiliano Viel
Live recording of the concert in Tokyio (Italian Institute of Culture) on September 26, 2017. In the course of the the live performance a variable number of the available stars are chosen and linked to each other in new constellations, while the piano evokes them, by emitting their inhuman signals, mixing them in ever-changing configurations. The star signals’ matrix have bee created in the way that each signal encodes one word of an excerpt taken from T.S.Eliot’s “Burnt Norteon” from his “Four Quartets”. The 25 words, each one for each of the 25 staves of the score, that are related to 25 possibile constellation-forming stars are: “the end precedes the beginning the end and the beginning were always there before the beginning and after the end and all is always now”. The electronic part is in charge of conducting these obscure conversations by communicating to the piano player the directions to be followed in reading the score and connecting the concert hall to the deeply distant location as a galactic operator.

Nampülwangulenfe / Mapunauta
Time encountered: 18:41 - 18.58
Distance: KM 16.898.798.779,22
Artist: Nicole L'Huillier & Daniela Catrileo
Through this collaboration, we developed a sonic poem that emerges from the research of Mapuche Cosmovision and its relationship to outer space, the dimension of the Wenumapu. As a result of this research, we are building the idea/concept/movement/imaginary of the Mapunauta(Miyawpukelu Wenu mapu mew / Nampülwangülenfe) and of a Mapufuturism. This piece materializes on the understanding of the richness of the Mapuche Cosmology and how ancestral knowledge can help us to think about a more just space future.

EARTH - Planet Heard
Time encountered: 19:13 - 19:28
Distance: KM,27
Artist: Vanni Bianconi & Dominique LeGendre
Planet Heard is the result of an exercise of continuous listening. For over a year Le Gendre and Bianconi have been listening to the sounds and the furies of a London building, the Loveless House, and closely tuned into its staircase, a vortex rising at the core of the estate, meant to encourage dynamic coexistence of activities and to generate through their interference, unprecedented events. Planet Heard reproduces unprecedented events and interferences among the inhabitants of this building, this microcosm, such as the one between the yearning for communion, be it spiritual, social or simply personal, and its constant, appeasing failure. The story begins one morning; in the morning light each floor has a story to tell and tells it in its specific accents, certain that nobody is ever listening. But something is listening indeed. The story ends at night, in the darkness of the attic, in a moment of openness and communion when nobody is around, if not the bloody planet.

Time encountered: 19.34 - 19.50
Distance: KM,23
Artist: Simon Grab
"With my project «Pulse» I create soundscapes and noises of an imagined posthuman environment, with dark organic sound creatures build up on a dense conglomeration of pulsating frequencies. It's what you will find when returning back to earth into a world that seems to spring from a science fiction film that has yet to be filmed. It's an imaginary playground, as a posthuman world might sound. Nothing seems to be reminiscent of the human kind except its destruction. Noises of new life forms and their cryptic way of communicating are embedded in a futuristic soundscape, rather evolving from jellyfish and bacteria in dirty sewers than from hyper-sterile robot factories. A posthuman wonderland.

Time encountered: 20:00 - 20:11
Distance: KM 17.222.829.144,14
"Phonno" is inspired by the mountains and the wind and the high regions in the yushu area....monestary in the mountains...where the give the death people to the vultures and the ritual and the birds are bringing it in circle of creation and into space. Pascal Niggenkemper (doublebass), Joachim Badenhorst (reeds), and Ingrid Schmoliner (piano)

Time encountered: 20.18 - 21.02
Distance: KM 17.296.658.847,54
Artist: KoMaS

PLUTO - “Pluto is a Planet!"
Time encountered: 21:08 - 21:23
Distance: KM 17.501.741.356,99
Artist: Tomomi Adachi & Hannah Silva
In Pluto is a Planet! Tomomi Adachi, the famous sound poet from Pluto, and Hannah Silva, his friend on Earth, argue about whether or not Pluto is a Planet. They use the language of Pluto – infra-red light sensors and a variety of vocalisations and sound effects - to communicate. Their bodies interact with the sounds and each other, creating an other-worldly duet. Adachi describes the work as when ‘his body itself becomes the instrument’. His distinctive gestures paint with sound in space. He has made a copy of his infra-red sensor shirt (space suit) for Silva. The shirts enable the duo to choreograph with their voices; to compose with their bodies. While they were making the work, Adachi was having difficulties sleeping. Pluto was invading his dreams. He would wake up every night, with heart palpitations, and feel that he was like Pluto – far from everything, alone, and cold.

Time encountered: 21:41 - 21:45
Distance: KM 17.637.095.813,22
Artist: Lorenzo Tamai

Attempt at generating a Universe as an Egg
Time encountered: 21:51 - 21:58
Distance: KM 17.678.112.315,11
Artist: Giorgio Dursi

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